National Symposium on Climate Change Driven Migration and Human Security

As part of activities marking the Climate Action Week Nigeria 2017 #CAWNG2017 (Oct 22-28th 2017), Climate Aid  in collaboration with the Centre for Human Security, Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library will be hosted a National Symposium to respond to the question of climate change driven migration and related implications in Nigeria


According to leading experts climate change and environmental degradation would be among the top five security threats that Nigeria would face in the coming decade. Over the years, Nigeria has seen an uptick in violent activities of the nomadic Fulani herdsmen. The crisis has lingered effects with climate change- rapid desertification of grazing land and lower rainfall-making cattle rearing more difficult in the herdsmen’s northern Nigeria base. Seeking alternative, herdsmen have journeyed south seeking fertile grazing land for their cattle. But with that search often leading to farms in Nigeria’s middle belt and south east, increasingly violent conflicts between farmers and herdsmen have been a worrying occurrence.


In a similar vein, the dwindling waters of Lake Chad which is made worse by climate change is aggravating the environmental degradation in the region that is impacting the social and economic well-being of the population of member countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad. The impacts of the degrading environment on migration are stark with a new phenomenon of moving not only for greener pastures but also for life safety.

The solution is multifaceted and requires the quick interventions in the areas of policy views, climate resilience, climate smart agricultural practices, disaster risk management mechanism, public enlightenment and community inclusions. These and many more are what the symposium seek to address by exploring the impacts of climate change driven migration and related impacts on Nigeria

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