November 28, 2016


images-1Climate Aid Initiative (CAIN) is a non -governmental organization committed to building communities response and resilience to climate change through a combination of advocacy and local projects geared towards enhancing sustainable development

ClimateAid was founded as a project of The Earth Caretakers Society (TECTS) Lagos, in 2005. We work in partnership with communities regionally, nationally, and globally with a focus on climate and environmental justice specifically, promoting sustainable methods of development that enhance humans living in harmony with nature.

Since inception, the Earth Caretakers Society (TECTS) now ClimateAid has been at the front burner of promoting and encouraging environmental sustainability practices through workshops, projects, publications, seminar and at different fora. We have been pushing environmental campaigns which are aimed at persuading attitudinal change in people towards healing the earth.
At the base of our activity are pragmatic projects that are designed to inspire faithful stewardship of the natural environment as an ethical, moral and wise action.

We are registered charity with registration number RC: CAC/IT/No. 8114.

Our mission is to catalyze the implementation of innovative and practical solutions to curbing climate change by galvanizing multi=stakeholders driven climate action with private, non-profit, and governmental organizations